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Yoga adds years to your life,
and life to your years

Happy to Know you!

Inspired by my own experience of how yoga transformed me physically & psychologically to manage entire pregnancy & postpartum alone during COVID, I became an internationally certified Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist pursuing this journey to support women in nurturing their lives 

Fascinated, by how we all could leverage the power of technology and shifted digital, convinced me to conduct virtual consultations and yoga classes  with equal impact. As a little toddler mom, this also provided me with better flexibility without compromising on care.

I truly believe that simple yoga combined with essential nutrition is a very powerful method, that can steer you towards a happier & fulfilling life. 

- Sudha


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Ratna, Teacher

Sudha instilled lots of positivity and motivation which really helped me transform  my body and mind when I felt lost using popular internet resources

Lakshmi , IT  Professional

Sudha's approach to nutrition is unique and it has been very helpful in my pregnancy journey to remain healthy. Highly recommend  her expertise.

Pavitra , Entrepreneur

Sudha is a very compassionate person and supported my mother in managing her back pain and leg pain who is now able to lead more peaceful life by adopting her simple and effective exercises 

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